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Sustainable Palm Oil? Discover our certified organic Red Palm Oil

Red Palm oil

AMANPRANA | AMANVIDA Red palm oil, organic & Fair Trade

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Rode Palmolie

Why buy Palm Oil at Amanvida, the official Amanprana webshop? 

Buying Palm Oil at Amanvida has loads of advantages. We are not only an organic, ethical and sustainable webshop that offers premium quality at friendly prices, but we re also the official webhop of Amanprana. As the official Amanprana webshop we have the capabilities to send you fresh products and offer you realiable, clear product information. Your Palm Oil, as a result, is of top quality and has a long shelf-life. 

For each litre of Red Palm Oil from Amanprana you buy, you save one tree! Through the World Land Trust (WLT) Amanprana supports the Colombian environmental organisation ProAves, which protects the natural biodiversity of Columbia. Per litre of Red Palm Oil sold, Amanprana donates funds to WLT to save a tree. Till today, Amanprana has managed to ensure the preservation of more than 30 hectaures of tropical rainforest!

The palm oil from Amanprana originates from small scale palm growers in Magdalena and Bolivar, who thanks to Amanprana received the 'organic' certified certificate. 

Palm Oil is a healthy source of antioxidants, such as carotenes and vitamin E

Palm oil from Amanprana is one of the most healthy fats to prepare you meals with because they are extremely rich in axti-oxidising carotenes. It contains 10 times more carotenes than carrots and 30 times more carotenes than tomatoes. Palm oil also contains a lot of the anti-inflammatory vitamin E that, much like the carotenes, protects us against free radicals and against the sun. 

Why use Red Palm Oil from Amanprana?

  • Palm oil is a great oil to have in your kitchen because of the carotenes and vitamin E it contains. By alternating this oil with other nutritious and natural fats allows you variation this is unmissable in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Palm oil can only be heated once. In comparison to other oils, palm oil remains stable when heated. This gives your potatoes, onions; rice, etc., a typical African and Latin-American flavour which many love. 
  • Palm oil can also be used as a spread for your sandwhich. Only frying with Palm oil is not recommended.
  • in the Amanprana mix Coconut+Olive+Red Palm Oil contains 10% red palm oil. If you're not crazy about the taste of red palm oil, then this mix is ideal for you. Together, the three oils create a unique flavour that offers you the best of all three worlds.

For more information about Red Palm Oil you can visit the official Amanprana website: 

Voor meer informatie over rode palmolie kan je terecht op de officiële Amanprana website: Didnt't find the answer you were looking for? Amanvida is always ready to answer your questions!