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GSE organic supplements and phyto vitamins


GSE natural organic supplements: your daily essentials

Do we need dietary supplements? The answer is simple. Healthy and balanced eating is no longer enough. Our diet today contains fewer nutrients than it did decades ago, while our body needs more in order to continue to perform under the pressure of pollution, stress and less quality food.

GSE started with Grapefruit Seed Extract and now offers more than 35 natural, organic food supplements, including superfoods Spirulina, Chlorella and AFA Algae, barley grass and a whole range of natural and innovative phyto vitamins.

Why GSE organic supplements and phyto vitamins are better

Many vitamins in supermarkets and pharmacies are chemically synthesized. But we want fewer chemicals in our bodies. GSE produces natural supplements and phyto vitamins from high-quality organic ingredients.

GSE always processes the entire plant into supplements and vitamins, because it believes in the unique cooperation of the various particles within a plant. Our bodies can only make good use of vitamins and minerals if the corresponding plant substances are present. No fillers, chemical additives or press aids (for the tablets) are used.

GSE's supplements must meet strict quality criteria throughout the entire production chain, from organically certified cultivation to packaging.


What are phyto vitamins?

Phyto vitamins are vitamins or micronutrients obtained from plants. It is a completely new and innovative concept, since almost all vitamins and minerals are now produced synthetically.

When vitamins were discovered in the 1930s, they were first isolated from food. But the isolation of vitamins was done for study purposes and not to produce food supplements.

In the 1950s, people turned away from nature and began industrial, synthetic production of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, this approach has been followed instead of returning to what scientists have always known: vitamins and minerals are most effective when surrounded by their natural accompanying nutrients, such as secondary plant compounds, i.e. the entire plant.

GSE food supplements: created by chance

GSE stands for Grapefruit-Seed-Extract. The company happened to be founded when alternative doctor Michael Gracher heard at a homeopathic seminar how special the grapefruit seed extract is. At that time, grapefruit seed extract was not available on the German market. Michael Gracher then decided to introduce it for himself and some colleagues. Grapefruit seed extract became increasingly popular. Demand increased and the company GSE was born. CitroPlus® was the first grapefruit seed extract on the German market.

Over the years, GSE has introduced more and more holistic, organic food supplements. Meanwhile, the range includes a large number of selected food supplements and foods.

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