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Amanprana is serene vitality in organic food and body care

Through its official webshop - - Amanprana supplies organic coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oil, walnut oil, coconut flour, wheat germ, Gula Java sugar, matcha, cocoa, natural energy drinks, shaving oil, body oil, etc ...

Amanprana offers a wide range of nutrition and care products, all 100% organic and natural. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the planet.

Amanprana is the result of the experience and knowledge of Bart Maes. When his daughter had severe concentration problems at school and had developed an allergy to cocoa, he and his wife Chantal Voets started making healthy products from their own garage. First the Eicosan Perilla organic oil with omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, and later the well-known high quality Amanprana coconut oil, matcha, cocoa powder and much more.

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Let organic food be your medicine and medicine your food

You are what you eat. It's often underestimated, but it's so important to feed your body properly. Only then can you fully participate in life.

Amanprana has the slogan of Hippocrates "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" high on its agenda. Amanprana products are therefore processed as little as possible, are organic and vegetarian and where possible also fair trade and fair world. Attention is paid to ecological packaging, preferably in glass. Ecological paper and vegetable inks are used for labels and labels. Discover here what makes Amanprana even more unique.

What does Amanprana mean?

In Sanskrit, the classic Indian writing language, 'Aman' means peace or quiet. Prana' refers to life force.
The elephant in Amanprana's logo symbolizes a dormant, non-aggressive power and embodies wisdom and peace. Elephants grow old, making them a symbol of overcoming death.

Amanprana has an extensive range of organic and raw food and bio cosmetics that serenely support and strengthen life force, without violating body and mind. In short: soft and without excesses.

Amanprana coconut oil: pure, raw, fair trade, top quality

As a small family business, Amanprana considers it important that everyone is happy with the Amanprana organic coconut oil. The person who uses the coconut oil, but also the environment and the families in Sri Lanka who pick and process the coconuts. They call Amanprana the 'happiest coconut oil in the world'. Amanprana contributes to local prosperity: education, bio-farming, health care, housing, water and electricity.

Every day Amanprana Matcha or cocoa

Matcha is finely ground Japanese green tea with an incredible effect. Reasons enough to drink it every day. In the Amanprana range you will find matcha tea, but also sports drinks or energy drinks with matcha.

Cocoa is also a valuable nutrient and the favourite sports or recovery drink of many athletes, such as Michael Phelps (Olympic swimming champion). It goes without saying that Amanprana made his own good cocoa drink. Based on coconut blossom sugar, slow sugars that provide long-term energy. This is the chocolate milk you've always wanted for your children (and for yourself).

Amanprana is continuously expanding its range. If you have any suggestions for a particular product, please let us know via [email protected] . We will then see if we can add this article to our assortment. Subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know when Amanprana offers discounts.

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In Sanskrit, the classical Indian written language, ‘aman’ means peace or rest and ‘prana’ refers to life energy. Thus, serene life energy. The elephant symbolises a latent, non-aggressive force and embodies wisdom, tolerance and peace. It symbolises happiness. Elephants are herbivores and eat no meat or fish. They do not kill. Amanprana is a range of products that supports and strengthens our life energy serenely without harming our body or mind. In short: gently and without excess.

Amanprana does not believe in the ‘magic pill’. Amanprana is always organic and vegetarian. Attention is also paid to healthy ecological packaging. We prefer glass over plastic, as it is better for the environ ment, your health and the taste. Whenever possible we print with vegetable inks and on ecological paper.

At Amanprana we believe in the whole and not in the separate parts. Our products are therefore processed as little as possible and we do not use isolates. Isolates are chemically or naturally fabricated isolated substances that will never be capable of equalling the whole. We do not, for example, add isolated vitamin E but use red palm and wheat germ oil as rich natural sources of vitamin E.

Amanprana has a wide range of organic food and organic cosmetics, devided in following categories:
conventional fats cosmetics & personal care - okinawa omega oil mouth oil - coconut blossom sugar cocos fibres wheatgerms 

At Amanprana we are aware of Hippocrates’ wise words: ‘Let nutrition be your medicine and medicine your nutrition.’
We wish you a great deal of Amanprana!