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Cortijo de Suerte Alta

Cortijo de Suerte Alta

Cortijo de Suerte Alta is a family olive grove and mill in an ecological environment, located in Albendin (Baena), in the province of Cordoba, the heart of Andalucias in the South of Spain. This 250 hectares estate with ancient trees - up to 85 years old, introduced organic farming since/in 1996, and produces a high quality authentic Olive Juice of traditional varieties of the Baena region - picudos, hojiblancos and picuales. With a maximum of 0.2 (degrees) acididty, and very high levels of monounsatured fats (oleic acid) and antioxidants (polyphenols), the Cortijo de Suerte Alta olive oils have won numerous international awards
This is a must for every olive connaisseur!

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Cortijo de Suerte Alta

About Cortijo de Suerte Alta:

Cortijo de Suerte Alta is a family estate located on the right margin of the Guadajoz river, near the small village of Albendín, township of Baena, in the province of Córdoba, that is in the heart of Andalucía, to the South of Spain.

In 1924 the Marquis of Bedmar set on foot the conversion of a previous “dehesa” and cereal land into olive groves. The trees were planted every 13m, with three trunks each and arranged in triangles. This gives a density of 75 trees per hectare. The traditional varieties of the Baena region - picudos, hojiblancos and picuales - were intermingled to help with crosspollination and reduce “vecería”- a habit of producing good crops every two years-.The olives coming from the family estates were ground at two family mills, one of them was in Suerte Alta and the other one in nearby Cabra.

The present owner Manuel Heredia Halcón, Marquis of Prado, grandson of the abovementioned Marquis of Bedmar, runs the estate since 1986. The planting is concluded in a different more modern frame: the trees have only one stem and the planting frame is of 7m x 7m with an average density of 205 trees per hectare.

In 1996 Organic Farming is undertaken under control of the C.A.A.E.-Andalusian Council for Organic Farming- and an irrigation system is initiated.

Today the Cortijo de Suerte Alta estate comprises 255 hectares of olive groves, with an 80% of traditional, intermingled olive trees, and it yields an average of 250.000 Kg. of olive oil per year. 

In 2006 the new mill is built next to the family house, in the heart of the estate. This enables Suerte Alta to round up the whole production cycle: from the olive trees to the bottling, and is one of the clues for an exclusive Extra Virgin olive oil based on three characteristics: 


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