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Sonnenstar: wellness shots with pieces of ginger & turmeric


Organic shots: real superheroes from nature with fresh pieces of ginger and turmeric.

Do you want to kickstart your day every day? Have a ginger or turmeric shot in the morning then. Sonnenstar created bio shots from natural plants and herbs, mixed with a touch of love and positive attention. Maja Wasa, the driving force behind Sonnenstar, drew her inspiration from centuries-old recipes Sonnenstar, drew her inspiration from centuries-old recipes from monastic and herbalist women.

These organic shots are purely natural, pure juice and contain no artificial additives, flavourings or aromas. Premium organic turmeric and ginger are carefully peeled by hand, then pressed and transformed into delicious shots. You can drink them or add them to your favourite drink, tea, fruit juice and even your soup as a delicious extra twist.


Maja Wasa created the organic shots from Sonnenstar

The history of SONNENSTAR and their inventor Maja Wasa began in 2012. Maja was very interested in healthy food and had already launched various products. In her search, she came into contact with several "monastic or herbalist " women who had dedicated their entire lives to healthy food and had a centuries-old, traditional understanding of nature. They taught Maja new insights. 

This was followed by the urge to adapt old recipes to the needs of modern-day people. That' s how Bio Shots came into being at the end of 2018. These shots are based on old monastic recipes that already appreciated the unique properties of ginger and turmeric back then. With all her drive, passion and expertise, Maja Wasa made delicious, satisfying ginger shots and turmeric shots from pure ginger and turmeric juice.

All the goodness of ginger and turmeric in one shot

Ginger and turmeric are powerful roots or tubers that are prized for their numerous health benefits. Ginger counteracts nausea, is detoxifying and is an anti-inflammatory agent. It also stimulates the immune system. Turmeric has very similar and many other beneficial properties. One thing is quite clear: do you want to start your day full of energy? Drink a ginger or turmeric shot and you're guaranteed to get a kickstart. 

gember en kurkuma wortels en poeder op tafel met glaasjes gembershot  Also read our blog Gingershot: start your day with a kick! And find out when you can drink ginger and turmeric shots. 

Looking for healthy drinks? Try Bio Shots

We are becoming more and more aware of how what we eat and drink affects our bodies. We find soft drinks or classic fruit juices and the like less appealing. Healthy drinks such as the Sonnenstar Bio shots are a delicious alternative.

You can drink a Sonnenstar Bio shot in the morning for that powerful espresso kick. But you can also use them as extra flavouring or as a refreshing thirst-quencher. 

  • Put a dash of organic ginger shot in your tea or your favourite drink. 
  • Make a refreshing ginger lemonade with it; add Sonnenstar bio shot to mineral or sparkling water. 
  • Use them as a mixer in your smoothie.
  • Give your mocktail or cocktail a spicy note.
  • Great to drink in your freshly squeezed fruit juice. Ginger and orange or turmeric and orange go together very well.
  • Mix a little ginger or turmeric shot with lemon, orange and honey for a warming winter drink.
  • Also delicious in soup

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