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KARAWAN | AMANVIDA | Indira, brass, pearls and cotton thread jewels

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Kawaran’s jewellery collection INDIRA is created in a workshop in India.

A group of 30 women work to create and manufacture these remarkable brass pieces of jewellery in a workshop located in India. The jewellery is inspired by the tribal jewels of the Odisha state. These tribal jewels have been created for over 5000 years according to the ‘lost wax casting’ technique otherwise known as ‘dohkra’. The brass jewellery from the INDIRA collection are also made according to this ancestral technique, ensuring that every piece of jewellery created is truly unique.

The workshop allows Karawan to value knowledge that has been passed down for more than 5000 years. Today, this knowledge is often reserved for very secluded regions in India. So Karawan can revisit and maintain the tradition of metal casting, through the creation of their exceptional jewellery. The workshop in which Karawan’s jewellery is created is in accordance to the social conditions set by the ILO. Karawan works hard to ensure that each worker is cared for and works in a respectful environment

With the INDIRA collection, you can expect a very refined mix between traditional and contemporary designs. Precious jewels, requiring perfect control of the traditional casting technique but which keep a unique, distinctive touch and a signature of the craftsman.

How does Karawan make their Brass Jewellery?

To make the brass jewellery, a hands-on approach is required. This means that each jewel has been handcrafted by a Karawan employee. 

  • First, an unrefined model which is roughly the shape of the final product is made from clay.
  • This clay model is then covered in a layer of wax, which is usually composed of pure beeswax.
  • The Karawan team then adds finer design details and decorations by hand.
  • Once this has been done, the detailed wax mould is covered in another layer of clay which takes the form of the wax on the outside. Thus, the new clay layer becomes the form in which the brass will be poured into.
  • When the clay is baked, the wax will melt and be drained away, leaving a detailed clay mould. Brass is poured into this clay mould and is left to settle.
  • After leaving the brass to take shape, the clay is gently broken and the outer layer is chipped off. This leaves the moulded metal to be polished and finished as desired. 

The result? Beautiful and unique brass jewellery.

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