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Pastis de l'île de Ré Fennel aperitif | Amanvida

Pastis de l’ile de Ré

PASTIS DE L'ÎLE DE RÉ®: the aniseed aperitif based on organic, wild fennel

PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® is a traditional, organic aperitif from the wild region of the Île de Ré, a protected nature reserve on the west coast of France. This artisan nectar is the result of a careful blend of aromatic plants, including wild fennel, harvested on the Atlantic coast in September and warmed in late summer.

You can tell a true, organic Pastis by:

  • its liquorice flavour (chalcones and glycyrrhetenic acid)
  • sugar content of less than 100 g/litre
  • ABV (alcohol by volume) of at least 40%or more
  • certified organic ingredients

Production of PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® organic aperitif

The strong aniseed flavour of PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® comes from macerating the fennel seeds for a few days in alcohol, during which the natural flavours are gradually released into the alcohol. This process is further enhanced through an infusion of herbs foraged on the island itself. Blending is a crucial next stage in making this exceptional organic pastis. Who better to do this than a top sommelier with the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France's Finest Craftsman)?

Each annual harvest produces a unique organic pastis, just like a Grand Cru

Just like good wine, PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® improves with age. Each year the crops grow at the whims of Mother Nature, meaning that this organic aniseed aperitif with its herbal extracts tastes just a little different every year. Like a Grand Cru with an outstanding vintage, this organic pastis reaches its peak a few months after bottling.

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The creator of this Pastis: Didier Dorin, grower of aromatic herbs

After years working for an insurance company, Didier Dorin took over the family business in Charente-Maritime. His original focus was on growing cereals, but soon he switched to medicinal plants and Mediterranean herbs, such as thyme and rosemary. Didier Dorin then combined his skills with those of a sommelier, in order to create the unique PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ®.

The aperitif for a picnic, dinner, in the kitchen, in cocktails and desserts

This aperitif goes perfectly with a picnic on the beach at sunset, but is also great for a sophisticated dinner. With its subtle blend of flavours, in an elegant, slender bottle, PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® is a tribute to the French art of living. Mix PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® with fruit syrup (such as grenadine and mint), soft drinks or other alcoholic drinks (such as beer). You can also give your meals a magic touch, from starter to dessert, with a hint of organic pastis.

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The 'Grand Cru' of this typically French and also organic aperitif

PASTIS DE L'ILE DE RÉ® joined the exclusive club of certified organic, distilled drinks, after obtaining the Ecocert ORGANIC FARMING label. Besides Didier Dorin's plants, the grain alcohol and cane sugar are now also certified as organic. This unique gastronomic aperitif won a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2018.

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