Need some inspiration for the weekend? What do you think of a cosy picnic?

You don’t need a basket to have a picnic, a shopping bag is more than enough. Filled with a couple of special extras of course… Because they will make the occasion just a little more extraordinary.

Because not only the Swedes know something about cosiness… right?

Decorate your picnic blanket with a pot of Fleur de Sel

To simply eat with your hands and to share with those who you hold dear, this is what makes a picnic so fun and memorable. And a little pot of salt extracted deep underground in South African soil should not be missing from the occasion.

One prefers some extra salt on the salad, and the other may prefer a delicious olive oil.

Whatever your favourite finishing touch may be, a pot of Khoisan Fleur de Sel comes in handy every time.

Serve your homemade iced tea in a bottle with ambiance

For warm drinks – think about that refreshing cup of green tea – you can use the Eco Respekt bottle with a cover from Amanprana. With a size of 500ml, it is ideal for very hot drinks thanks to its thick glass.

For your water, juices or other homemade refreshments you can use a Soulbottle. A great bottle to start an interesting conversation is the “Fill Your Life with Soul” Soulbottle. How do you give more meaning and soul to your life?

If you don’t fancy a philosophical conversation, the inspirational sayings on the bottle will provide you with some light reading.

Surprise with tasty meatballs

Made from seitan, of course. So that you can include your non-vegetarian friends as well.

Mix 250 grams seitan mince with 25 grams corn starch or kuzu and 70 ml water. Add herbs and spices to flavour (we recommend the ORAC Spicy), add a decent amount of olive oil and roll into little balls.

Roll the prepared meatballs through some bread-crumbs and cook them in a pan with coconut oil until they have a slightly crispy crust. And they’re ready!

Make sure you have mineral filters with you

In the form of a natural sunscreen or sun tan lotion.

Mineral filters have many advantages because they work immediately (they do not need to be absorbed first), they protect longer, they are safer for your skin and they are suitable for all skin types.

Pass around a tube of SPF 30 and everyone will return home with a healthy sunny glow at the end of the day.

Use stainless steel and glass for all your snacks

Do you want to avoid plastic waste?

Bring your dip in a recycled glass pot, put your sliced veggies in a stainless steel box that keeps them fresh longer, and choose paper straws for all your drinks.

A super environmental friendly picnic is easier than you think.

And those pesky mosquitos? Let them zoom somewhere else

Dilute a couple of drops of essential summer oil in a spraying bottle with water and spray the mixture onto the picnic blanket.

The fresh smell of citronella will keep the mosquitos and other insects at bay. They really don’t like it.

Those who are playing around further in the field, can use the anti-mosquito roll on or apply soothing lavender afterwards.